Needing any help?

I understand that Step 3 might have been a big challenge … Because this time of year is already intense with other activities taking place – other courses, jobs, family and Christmas preparations … but keep on struggling! This “uphill” in the course is usually known to be the hardest part, but it may hopefully comfort you to hear that the remaining steps most often are perceived as easier.Well, I hope that course work after all will run smoothly – otherwise I really expect you to ask for help at any of the tutoring sessions online! Today, as usual, I’m in place in the “Connect” room between 15:00 to 17:00 to support in solving possible programming problems!  :)

I also remind about Step test 3, which is approaching. It’s open during the nearest weekend, December 3-4. Also note that current test covers both parts A and B, however, the number of questions is as usual just 16.