This lab is divided into two parts:

1. Server Installation

This part is not mandatory by highly recommended.

Since we moved our lab environment to a cloud-based solution you won't be able to install an server OS since it uses pre-defined images. So to get a feel of who the installation process work you will do this in Virtual Box on you own personal computer. I have made a instruction video how to do this:

2. Setting up the lab environment

This part is mandatory.

The first lab is intended to let us setup the basic network and make some configuration of the servers and clients. It also includes some firewall setting up.

Lab memo below

Lab 1.pdf

If you somewhere get stuck and need directions ask your question on Slack, but try to be specific of what problem you are facing. You are also recommended to keep a well documented overview of the network and configuration files you have worked with.


Follow the instructions on the page Lab Examination
The lab report should be sent to in PDF-format no later the 08.00 31 January 2019. During the examination we will not only read the report but also check your solution in CS Cloud to make sure it fulfills all requirement.

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