Lab Examination

Lab examination

You will not report the lab during any of the lab tutoring sessions, the examination is done in the lab report you are going to write.

Lab report content

The report should include the following


The introduction highlights the problem or problems you intend to solve. Describe how you intend to proceed and be clear with any assumptions that you make. Clarity is important for the reader to understand your results.

Technical background

Here you describe the various techniques, software and other tools you used during the lab. The level of this should be that anyone on computer science should understand and be able to read your report. It should therefore be written for someone who is well acquainted with computer science, but not necessarily this particular course.

Implementation and results

Describe how you went about solving the problem or problems. Be thorough and do not omit any important details. Together with the implementation, the result should also be included in this part. What was the end product? Did you solve the problem? What obstacles did you discover along the way?

Discussion and conclusion

In this section the results are discussed, the discussion section is relatively free and open to your own thoughts and reflections on the results obtained. Pure speculation that is not rooted in the results obtained or e.g. the course material should be avoided.

Conclusion can be its own section if you want but otherwise you can have this in the discussion. What conclusions can you draw from your discussion, was it the right way to solve the problem etc.

Reporting and Deadlines

The report should be sent to in PDF-format before the deadline. During the examination we will not only read the report but also check your solution in CS Cloud to make sure it fulfills all requirement.

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