Subject: Computer Science
Level: First Level
Credits: 7,5
Course code: 1DV534

Object Oriented Programming with C++

In this C++ continuation course you will learn how to create object oriented computer programs with the programming language C++. The course consists of a theoretical part (3.5 credits) and practical applications (4 credits). All course material except coursebook will be downloaded from this site – log in with your Guest User account to get access to documents etc. (As anonymous visitor you have limited access to the website’s content.)

De senaste inläggen

Some complications have arisen …

… because some day ago I had an accident and ended up in hospital with broken hip. After surgery, a few days of hospitalization are required, so I have to put my work in “stand-by” mode in the coming week. However, after that, I have great hopes of being able to resume the final assessment of your course work. I will do my best to ensure that you all get your results within a reasonable time after the end of the course, and also beg for everyone’s understanding of the situation!

Summarizing info and thanks for your opinion!

The course is soon formally ended (3/6) and the compilation of your course results is soon to be started. Have you not yet passed all steptests? An additional (and last) opportunity to take a “re-test” of any (not yet approved) step-test is offered in the coming weekend of May 27-28. This will be the last opportunity for this course round.

After this course ending, I have no possibilities to take care of late labs, because then I will start up a new programming course at intensive speed. If you then still have labs left to report, I may after agreement correct them during the “re-exam” week 35, when I’m back at work again. But please note – such an exception must have been agreed with the course leader in good time before June 3! PLEASE NOTE – the condition for correcting is that the labs are in the mailbox latest by August 26 at 11:59! (The next opportunity to examine course assignments is by re-registering for the course in the coming academic year.)

While still active on this course web, I would like to ask for a last – but crucial – contribution! A link to perform a course evaluation will – on May 30 – be sent to your LNU student e-mail address. I am very grateful for your feedback on the course, which will help us improve it – therefore I would be very happy if you spent a little time to share your experience!

Finally … I will be back to each one of you with personal grading information via email, and to anyone I who I don’t get in touch with in other way, I would like to wish a good continuation of this beautiful summer! :)

We are approaching …

… the course’s last regular step-test on Sunday May 20, and after that a probably long-awaited summer vacation! :)

I remind you all: Carefully read the information in the previous post! … and say “hang on!” to all of you, struggling with the very last course assignments!

Important about the last step test / step 4

Now, just one last two-week’s “step” remains on the course and with that a final theory test on May 20-21. You, who still have unfinished labs left in course, will have the opportunity to submit your residuals during the last two “pick up” weeks, before absolute course deadline on June 3. Other examination residues are referred to the last week (35) in August, before the next semester starts. I.e. if you have submitted your remaining course assignments at latest by August 26th, I will correct them during the so-called “re-exam week” before the autumn semester start. Such an exception must have been agreed with the course leader in good time before the regular end of the course on 3 June!

Important! Course’s final step test (4_A) is an overview test and therefore more extensive than previous tests. This means that the majority of questions are based on the content of steps 1 – 3 and only a small portion covering the issues from the final step 4. The number of questions will be 32, and therefore you will also have more time available, ie. 2 hours. In order to clarify the focus of the test, the emphasis is on basic knowledge from the first three steps, while about 25% of the questions concern the final step.The final test is performed according to same procedures as the other tests, with one exception – the result can not be improved by later re-tests. If you don’t pass the test (< 50%) you will be offered a re-test, but you cannot affect an already approved result through retesting. Therefore, it is important to be well prepared for the test on 20-21/5. The last opportunity to do any re-test for this course is given May 27-28.

I wish everyone good luck with the final sprint!

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