Course End

All good things must come to an end, and that is true even for this course. First I would like to thank you all for participating and especially you who have been active on slack helping each other and me, as well as asking interesting questions. I feel that I can now talk to many of you about implementation and design at a whole other level than when we started, e.g. we can use patterns when we discuss solutions and evaluate design decisions by looking at responsibility, coupling, and cohesion. Good stuff!

What happens next?
In the near future my focus will be examinations of WS3, higher grade submissions, looking at the reexaminations of WS1, and the last iteration of the online test. I hope all of this will be done by week 45.
Not so distant is the fixes for you who received 1.5 on WS2 – there will be bookable online sessions starting next week (Wednesday and Friday) for a couple of weeks.
A bit further still is the resubmissions of WS2 22/11 and then resubmissions of WS3.

Before the Christmas holidays, we will have a new chance to pass the online test, and also submissions of the Yahtzee game for those who took that route.

I will post all deadlines on this course page (I hope they will also be automatically posted to the slack channel) and they should also be available in mymoodle on the respective assignments.

Finally good luck with your new courses!