Object Oriented Analysis and Design at Linnaeus University

This course covers object orientation focusing on object oriented analysis/domain modeling and object oriented design using practical examples in object oriented programming.

The course topics highlights the parts of the software development process that increase understanding of a problem domain and communication of more or less detailed UML (Unified Modeling Language) blue prints of a system. After the course is finished you will know how to produce a domain model to increase and communicate the information need of a problem domain, how to model whole or parts of a software system from different points of view. You will know how an object oriented design model can be translated in to an object oriented implementation (code) and vice verse (reverse engineering). You will have basic understanding of design patterns and refactoring as a method to achieve a good design.

The prerequisites of the course are that you must have passed at least 30hp in any of the subjects: computer science, informatics, computer engineering or similar. You must also have knowledge in object oriented programming equaling 7.5hp.

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What will happen the first week

The first week of the course is approaching fast! This is what will happen:

Monday 28/8 11:15-12 D1136A – Introduction for Campus Växjö students.
This is a special introduction for campus Växjö, you will have a chance to see me irl and I will show you the tools and such for online studying. We will not focus that much on course content.

Tuesday 29/8 08:15-10:00 Online in Adobe Connect
This is the full class course introduction. I will present the course homepage, workshops, exam, grading, deadlines etc. The second half I will introduce the course contents using a simple example.

Wednesday 30/8 08:15-10:00 Online in Adobe Connect
This is the first reversed classroom lecture. I supply the questions and you the answers :) This means that you will have to prepare by taking a look at the materials under lecture 1, and lecture 2.

2017 Version of the course

This is the homepage of the 2016 version of the course homepage. There will soon be a new version available at this URL and it will look very much the same. You can already order the course literature (Applying UML and Patterns) and start working on the workshop assignments if you want to.

There will hopefully be two major differences for this year:

1. All materials and lectures are already recorded and available. The scheduled lectures will be focused on you answering my questions and discussing the answers, especially if you have disagreements :) That is you will need to prepare for the lectures by looking at recorded materials and reading the corresponding chapters from the book. We will talk about this at the first introductory lecture. These sessions will not be recorded.

2. I hope to automate the peer review process of the workshop assignments. This will mean a lot less emailing and also that you will give feedback on the feedback, i.e. I got a lousy review. This will further increase the quality of the reviews and ultimately give a better quality on your workshop.

I hope that these two changes will make the course a bit more interesting and allow for more opportunities to learn.

See you soon!

Online Exam Extra Chance

Extra chance to pass the online exam. The exam will be open as follows:
2017-03-15 09:00 – 2017-03-17 21:00

Check the online exam page for instructions.

Passing grades are handed in

If you have got a passing grade in the course as of (2016-Nov-14) you should see this in ladok in a few days.

Some of you have handed in for higher grades and/or completions for passing grades with deadline today. However, I will be traveling this week so your updates will be considered asap and grades adjusted accordingly.

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