Assignment 1. Part 1. Learning XUnit

This first assignment aims to give you the basic knowledge about writing Unit Tests using a custom framework. The assignment is conducted in an Educational Programming Environment called Computer Science Quiz (CSQUIZ). This means that you do not have to download any tools to complete the assignment.

The assignment A1. part 1 consists of several smaller tasks. Each task has a suite of automated unit tests designed to test the code you write and the tests you write. The first eight tasks are designed as tutorials that should guide you on how to use the testing framework introduced in different situations. You are supposed to read and try to make sense of messages sent by these tests.


This is an individual assignment. Do not share your results or code with other students.
If you have questions or are unable to complete the assignments, ask on Slack.
When all examination-tasks are completed without cheating you have a passing grade (E) on Assignment 1.
For higher grades on the assignment. Part 2 must also be completed.

External link to CSQUIZ

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