Assignment 3. Video presentation


The project lets you dive deep into a specific subject of interest.

Single student Assignment

This exercise contains elements that must be done by a single student.
Note that all artifacts should be marked by the student.
Examination of the assignment is done individually.


This assignment is graded (Pass / Fail)

  • Use of peer reviewed papers within the area of testing
  • Critical standpoint (discuss the validity)
  • Read and understand scientific literature
  • Theoretical insight


This assignment aims to reach the following objectives from the syllabus:

Upon completion of the examination, students should be able to:

  • individually present and explain a specific study area within software testing and
    demonstrate theoretical insights in that area
  • critically evaluate literature and other information sources in the field of software testing.


Find one peer reviewed article(paper) about a subject of interest in the field of testing.
This paper should either be published in a peer-reviewed journal or conference..

To find suitable papers you can use the following databases:

Linnaeus University Library staff are good at searching and finding articles.

Examination criteria and Artifacts


  • Five minute video presentation is delivered within deadline.
  • The presentation should report and analyze at least one peer-reviewed paper, your presentation should answer these questions about the article:
    • Why? What problem are the author(s) trying to solve?
    • How? What method has been used to answer the question?
    • What is the result from the method?
    • What is the validity of the result according to the author?
    • Does the research solve the problem/answer the question?
    • What are to be done next? future work? and why?
    • And lastly something from you. What do you think and why? If you make claims support those with evidence or logic
  • Present the video by posting a youtube-link in the form here
  • Comment on two other students video’s on youtube, ask questions and interact, prefer videos that have previously not gotten comments!

External link to list of videos to comment on

Here is your link to videos posted by other students
You should ask a relevant question each on two other videos, make sure your video is open for comments.

After the deadline, a link to review-videos will be presented here.

You need to login and be registered on the course to do this assignment.

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