Kursen Mjukvarutestning(Software testing) vid Linnéuniversitetet

The aim of the course is to provide students with basic knowledge in software testing.

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Re-exam date and time

The re-exam will take place on 2018-01-30 from 08:15 to 23:59.

Good luck!

The study guide. Now as pdf.

Prank of the day!

Someone managed to tag the google doc study guide as inappropriate.
We have reposted it as a pdf

Introduction meeting Nov 1st

The introduction meeting is on November 1st at 8.15 in Room Växjö-D1136. We will stream this event. You are also able to watch a recording.

This year we will resue recorded lectures from last year (except the Introduction meeting). More information can be found in the study guide.

The course literature A.P. Mathur “Software testing” is available in two editions. both editions work. We will provide chapter references for both editions in the study guide shortly.

The course uses assignments for assessment. It is important that you start with the assignments asap to keep up with the pace.

This year’s schedule has three two hour tuition sessions every week. Please use them! Ioseff and Sarpreet is standby on Slack to answer your questions or guide you using Skype.

If you have questions of more general character or of course related to the topic software testing send them to me in an email. Please use [2DV610] as a prefix in your subject.


Jesper, Ioseff, Sarpreet


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