L0. Course-introduction

Introduction to the course

The lecture content

  • Course communication strategy
    • Course web lectures and assignments under construction.
    • Course web news, all changes to the course will be announced here.
    • Slack, frequently checked, for all questions that are not personal, ask them in the open channel!
    • https://coursepress.slack.com/messages/1dv610/
    • Email, less frequently checked, personal questions (non personal questions will be anonymized and posted in the open channel)
    • Skype, open during tutoring
  • Course content
    • Lectures, 1-2 per week, examed during final exam + book
    • Assignments
    • Deadlines on course web
    • L1 in CSQUIZ, direct feedback, recorded (U/G)
    • W1, nästa vecka!
    • L2 PHP Login system, Requirements only (A-F)
    • W2 Workshop, Code review + Experiment (U/G)
    • L3 Iteration 2 of A2, Requirements and Code quality (A-F)
    • T1 Final Exam on the book and lecture content (A-F)
    • We use Ticknik to find cheaters so do not copy code
  • Course litterature, get it now!, java
  • Registration issues
  • Questions

Slides and such

Links to a slides will be available here in a day or two after the lecture...


2019 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BE2BsMBxKbM

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