W1. Workshop, coding with others.


L1 should have been completed.

Install a LAMP, MAMP, WAMP, or similar so that you have a local server. Test this server by running a small PHP script for and echo a string. Only what is echoed should show in the browser.


Show up, bring computer, be prepared to work


Show up in slack, make sure you have a working headset, follow the instructions. Slack is the fallback com-channel.


You are supposed to participate actively during the entire session, a lunch break will be provided.


During the workshop you will create a small onepage (index.php) web app suggested by the teacher. However, the requirements of this web app are decided by the group. The project never ends, you are supposed to add requirements if you “feel” done. Create a public git-repo for the app so that it can be easily shared by others.

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