Getting started

To get started in this course we need you to do some preparation. Please start by watching the course introduction.

Git and Github

Git is a source control tool that will be used for all exercises and examinations in the course.

  1. Install Git on your computer. We will use git to handle version control over our code and to push it to us for examination. Be sure to do a read-up to understand what git are and install it from
  2. Register a Github-account. If you do not have an account on Github you should register it now!
  3. Watch this video to get a understanding for Git and GitHub.
  4. Apply for Github Educational Pack (optional for this course, but good for the future…)
  5. Register your Github-account in coursepress ( Make sure you are logged in!. We will use Github for storing code and examination of code and to get that working you need to tell us your github name. When we have that register we can start creating repositories to you (it can take some day since this is done manually(-ish).


In this course several tools will be introduced to support a modern workflow. Though you sometimes will be forced to use some tools, the code editor will be your own choice. Demos etc. in the course may be recorded using different editors, however, recommended code editor is Visual Studio Code.

  1. Install the IDE of your choice.

Application environment

In this course and the following course 1DV523, node.js will be used and you will need to install that (together with npm) on your computer.

  1. Install the “Current” version of Node.js from

What is next?

You are now ready to start with the exercises in the course. You need to make sure that your Github-repositories has been created first though.

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