How to get a supervisor?

In the initial phase of the course we will match students and supervisors. In order for this to happen you need to have a project proposal.

  • Some project have a supervisor attached to them, see project proposals for this (link to the left).
  • You may approach a teacher that you know has some insight into your area of research.

Communication with the supervisor

Initial contact should happen through email. Please note that some supervisors may not be active on Slack so make initial contact by email.

The role of the supervisor

The role of the supervisor is to guide the student, both in the subject area and in performing research. The supervisor shall help the student to define boundaries of the topic to make sure that you have a reasonable chance of completing the thesis project in time. The supervisor is a discussion partner that can help and stimulate you to critically evaluate and reflect on your own work, as well as the work of other researchers.

The responsibilities of the supervisor are:

  • Help you plan your work to make sure that it can be completed in time.
  • Make sure that your project and report is of an acceptable standard before you present your work and, if it is not, inform you of what you need to do to reach an acceptable standard.
  • Meet you regularly to discuss the progress of the degree project and give feedback on your work.
  • Answer your emails within a reasonable time frame.
  • Read and comment on report drafts. Note that the role of the supervisor is to mainly comment on the content. It is the student’s responsibility to make sure the language usage is of an acceptable standard, so the supervisor does not have to spend too much of the limited supervision time on correcting flaws in the language.
  • Notify the course manager if you will be finished in time to present your thesis project at a certain date.