Project Proposals

Below is a list of thesis project proposals from external companies or researchers at the university. If you are interested in a proposal, contact the listed contact person. In some proposals a recommended level (bachelor or masters) is specified. If you are interested in a proposal on a different level than you are doingyourthesisin, ask the contact person if you can select the topic anyway.

Project proposals from LNU

TopicContact PersonMore InfoEnd DateAvailability
Developing User Interface for a Static Code Analysis Tool (Degree project)Narges KhakpourContinuing
Automation of the Assembly Process - Self Adaptive Robot Cell (in collaboratin with IKEA)Nadeem AbbasProposalContinuing
TAAR - A Tool for Architectural Analysis and ReasoningNadeem AbbasProposalContinuing
Extend and Evaluate an Architectural Reasoning FrameworkNadeem AbbasProposalContinuing
Defining Implementation Processes For the ASPLe MethodologyNadeem AbbasProposalContinuing
Defining Testing Processes for ASPLe MethodologyNadeem AbbasProposalContinuing
Architectural Tactics and Patterns for Self-Adaptive Software SystemsNadeem AbbasProposalContinuing
A Systematic Literature Review on Architecture-Based Methods to Develop Self-Adaptive SystemsNadeem AbbasProposalContinuing
A Comparison of Hazard Analysis Techniques for Safety-critical SystemFaiz Ul MuramProposalJune 2022
Compliance of Processes with Critical System Engineering StandardsFaiz Ul MuramProposalJune 2022
Estimating the energy consumption of Java ProgramsMauro CaporuscioMauro via email/slackContinuingTaken
A Systematic Literature Review to Understand Resilient Systems and their Relationship with other Quality AttributesMauro Caporuscio, Nadeem AbbasProposalContinuingTaken
Resilient Systems – Application Areas and Metrics to Measure ResilienceMauro Caporuscio, Nadeem AbbasProposalContinuingTaken
Designing Resilient Systems – A Systematic Literature ReviewMauro Caporuscio, Nadeem AbbasProposalContinuingTaken
Spelifierat miljöhusJoacim RosenlundProposal ProjektsidaSpring 2022
The “RESTful” Services: Are they “RESTful” Yet? A Follow-up Study (taken)Francis PalmaProposalContinuing
Systematic Literature Review on Defects/Bugs Prioritization (taken)Francis PalmaProposalContinuing
A Systematic Literature Review on Product, Process, and People Metrics in Software Quality AssuranceFrancis PalmaProposalContinuing
Data Fusion and Text Mining for Supporting Journalistic WorkKostiantyn Kucher, Morgan EricssonProposalSpring 2022Taken
Interactive Visual Interface for Supporting Journalistic WorkKostiantyn Kucher, Morgan EricssonProposalSpring 2022Taken
Testing RPL objective functions on real IoT devicesArslan Musaddiq, Fredrik Alhgren, Tobias Ohlsson, Neda MalekiProposalSpring 2022
An End-to-End Analysis of IoT Bigdata by Applying TinyML, LoRa Technology, TTN, and Bigdata Processing PlatformsNeda Maleki, Fredrik Alhgren, Tobias Ohlsson, Arslan MusaddiqProposalSpring 2022
Topics from the ISOVIS research groupThe mentioned supervisor(s)List of topics, user: student, pw: isovisContinuing

Project proposals from Industry/Company

TopicCompanyContact PersonMore Info
Video Integration into an HR Interviewing Web-AppLykvyd AB ( AbbasProject Decription
Bontouch (flera förslag i Sthlm men vi kan lösa de flesta i Kalmar också)BontouchSe separat sida
Master Thesis: Cryptography for offline payments hos EricssonEriccson
deskriptiv induktiv analys av processdataInnovative SolutionsRudolf Sillén 0730899190
Examensarbeten hos ScaniaScania
Olika se länkad filerVolvo Construction EquipmentOlika se länkad filFörslag studentuppdrag, Studentuppdrag log
Solution to minimize crowded buses or trainstietoEVRYulf.seijsing@tietoevry.comPresentation
Investigate possible ways to detect deviations in beehives based on sound analysistietoEVRYulf.seijsing@tietoevry.comPresentation
Investigate possible ways to detect a bee queen in a beehivetietoEVRYulf.seijsing@tietoevry.comPresentation
Se presentationVolvoAlbin NilssonPresentation
CNC Plåt exjobbCNC-PlåtWelf LöveProposal
IoT-sensorerNorrsidans InnovationAnders Helgesson +46 76 026 4486 anders.helgesson@norrsidans.comFörslag på examensarbeten
An Approach for Estimation of Student’s Knowledge Level in Online Education SystemHypocampus ABAlisa LinckeDescription
Identifying Learning Strategies and Behaviors in Online Education SystemHypocampus ABAlisa LinckeDescription
Rörlighet på arbetsmarknadenVerto Konsult ABJohan Åkesson 0704-821017 Johan.akesson@verto.seMer information
Analys av jobbsökaraktiviteterVerto Konsult ABJohan Åkesson 0704-821017 Johan.akesson@verto.seMer information

Instructions for teachers for adding a project

  • Link your project proposal description document in "More Info", put the actual document on a public server (google drive).
  • Remove your project when done.