Study guide

General information

The course-language is going to be English. Both lectures and course material are going to be in English. Questions may be asked in Swedish, or English.

Lectures and meetings will be online.

All assignments can be done online.

About the course

You need to take responsibility for the completion of your project and thesis writing. You are the one who should ask for information and drive the project from start to end.

If you fail an assignment, this will happen:

If your supervisor do not think your work is ready for presentation, you will get a new date after summer. If the project is still not finished the examiner will need to make a decision if you may continue this project or select a new one.

If you plagiarize

Your thesis will be read and examined by several staff members. We also use tools to detect plagiarism. Suspected attempts of plagiarism will be reported according to the rules and regulations of Linnaeus University. Plagiarism or other forms of cheating may lead to suspension and failing the course.

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