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Lab re-exam and results of written exam

We have managed to delay the deletion of the lab environment until next Thursday so we have booked the computer hall for on last chance to have the labbs corrected. This last chance will be on Wednesday the 5th of April 0800-12.00, do not miss this chance.

I have also corrected the written exams and you should see the results in LPW. You can download your exam here: You have to be logged in.

If you failed or did not do the written exam you will get a second chance on Friday the 21st of April. Do not miss to register for re-examination at

Written Exam

I have still not received the exams so I contacted the exam department and them said that they will send it to med today som I will received them on Monday.

Do not forget that today, 0815-1200, is the last change to get your labs corrected. On Monday all virtual machines and accounts will be deleted from our cloud.

Second/last chance for the practical assignments.

We have now booked a second/last chance for the practical assignments.
This will be on the 24th of March 08.15 – 12.00, this will be the last chance to get your labs corrected. After this date all the server and your accounts will be deleted. There are a lot of labs to correct during this session so please be on time.

Last module published

I have now publish the last module for this course.
Please note the the seminar for module 5 is next week on Wednesday and is has been moved to D1142.

Good Luck and have a nice weekend

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