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HTTP, Web Servers, express.js




About HTTP

First of all read this introduction:

The start reading in this free book about HTTP calling HTTP Succinctly published on: http://code.tutsplus.com/series/http-succinctly--net-33683

Read trough these chapters:

  • HTTP Resources
  • HTTP Messages
  • HTTP Connections
  • HTTP Web Architectures
  • HTTP State and security

    About HTTP/2

    First of all read this:

  • Learning object HTTP/2: https://github.com/CS-LNU-Learning-Objects/http/blob/master/http_2.md

    Then watch this speak from Ilya Grigorik that is a guru regarding web optimization. In this talk he introduces the HTTP/2 protocol

About Caching

Read this is a small article which gives a good view of the cache options in HTTP.


This demo is for you that want to check out how to getting starting with coding real web applications with a UI not just writing out stuff through the console.log. We will go through this much more in the next lecture. **This demo is recording using an other javascript style then "JavaScript standard" which means the code will have semicolons and other stuff not allowed with the JavaScript Standard Style which you should use.

A demo for a "hello world-application" in express.js:


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