Persistent data


Persistent data, Express.js, mongoDB, mongoose



  • Recording 2017-02-14 13-15, Swedish
    • In the code slides we are using a lot of callback-patterns. Of course you can write that in other ways with newer versions of Node.js
    • When talking about BaaS I'm saying we won´t use a services like and that we should use Vagrant. Ignore that! We pobably will use BaaS since there is a lot of problems when using virtual machines on windows. See "About setting up your database" below.
  • Recording 2016-11-28 13-15, English
  • Recording 2016-02, Swedish

About setting up your database

Previous years we have used Vagrant for setting up virtual machines for running an application server and a database server when developing your code. There could be some reference in the presentation back to that. This year we suggesting other solutions to this. Please read about how to do this here:

Demo code

Demo movie

Flash messages (in Swedish) - This part is included in the English presentation for 2016-11-28.

Sub docs (in english)


In the book: Web Development with Node & Express Chapter 13 (persistent data), 9 (cookie and sessions)

Optinal but good

A tutorial from MDN

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