Server-based Web Programming at Linnaeus University

This is the course “1DV523 – Server-based Web Programming” at Linnaeus university. This is a course about developing server-side web applications using Node.js.

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About re-examinations

I got a question about re-exams so I did a (preliminary) planing for this. There will be availability to book times (if it includes an oral examination) a couple of days before the deadlines.

  • Assignment 1: Do a release when ready we will look at repos with a released solution after the deadlines for assignment 2 and 3 (see the planing). After these deadlines, next time the course goes.
  • Assignment 2: First re-exam 18/12. Deadline 08:00, Second re-exam 9/1, deadline 08:00. After these deadlines, next time the course goes.
  • Assignment 3: First re-exam about three weeks after the end of the course (no exact date at this moment). Second re-exam three weeks after that. After that, next time the course goes.

Peer-instruction 30/11

On Thursday 10:15 we will have a Peer-Instruction session in D1173.
This peer instruction will have focus on the web security part but there will also be some question from the previous part.

Peer-instruction canceled

I’m sorry to say I have to cancel todays peer-instruction due to illness :( I’m sorry for any inconvenience and I will get back to you with some alternative to todays canceled session when I get better.

Peer-Instruction and the second registration


On Thursday 10:15 we will have a Peer-Instruction session. For those how isn´t familiar to Peer-instructions I will explain it further on Thursday but please look up wikipedia for a simple explanation.
You should prepare your self by studying the following resources from the course page:

  • Introduction
  • Web Servers, HTTP
  • Web Application Architectures
  • Persistent Data

Second registration

In order to deregister non active students on the course the following action is required of you as a student at latest 2017-11-17 12:00:
Make at least one commit to the repository “xxx222yy-examination-1″ and push that commit to GitHub. (Where xx222yy is replaced with you username.)
If you have not yet completed the getting started guide, you will also be deregistered since you have no repo to push to.

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