Laboratory assignments step 1

Objectives for Lab 1-3

Lab-exercise Memo is an example project, which gradually introduces you to the process of developing an object-oriented application, giving you the working tools for your first (?) OO applications.

After lab 1 (Miserable) you should be able to write structured programs that meet criteria for good quality programming in C++ (which should be learned in basic course). You have created a well organized laboratory environment for your program files and class library. You should also be familiar with the development environment and use its built-in debugger to debug and correct your software. You have trained in using simple design tools and to document your design, and finally implemented this in a first object-oriented program with a few simple classes.

After lab 2 (A CashRegister), you have deepened your object-oriented skills, and created a slightly more advanced class that will work with an attached test program and also a self-written test.

In the more advanced lab 3 (Tic-Tac-Toe) you will have trained to adapt your programming to pre-written classes. You have written an application-class using the “Tic-Tac-Toe services” offered in the TakeFive class. You have also written a Menu class, which is sufficiently generic and reusable to be part of your own class library.


2 labs must be reported in step 1 – lab 1 is mandatory + one of the labs 2 or 3. Before lab work begins are some important preparations!

  1. First – read Laboratory instructions to know what general demands we place on your lab work.
  2. A description of expected lab management is given in Lab-Intro – read this manual carefully before beginning practical applications.
  3. Next task is is to organize a good folder structure for the labs. It is important for versioning and a prerequisite for reuse of files placed in your class library. A complete folder system is in the compressed Folder Structure ‘Lab’ on the right – download and unzip as instructed.
  4. The structure already contains some files to start a class library (“lib”). Making your own class library is not mandatory, but may facilitate your work a lot. The document Creating a class library is then optional reading but if not familiar with search routines for .h and .cpp files, you should still read the document for an explanation.

Lab 1 has three sub-tasks. Your completed solution from the first task will be working basis for the final task of making the program “object oriented”. Use lab-exercise Memo as guidance in this work! It is mandatory to report an additional lab. You then choose between lab 2, or the slightly more advanced lab 3. Practical instructions for reporting formats can be found in information boxes on the right.

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