Correction of labs in progress…

First course step is now finished and I have started the work to correct all your lab assignments. Since the course has quite a lot participants (80) and I want to give you all a thorough feedback on the work you have done, I ask for your understanding about that correction answers may be delayed 1-2 weeks! The weekend’s Theory test (“steptest 1″) seems to have worked quite well, although the test situation was new and a bit confusing for some of you! I remind about the possibility of re-testing, which is always present at upcoming test occasions (the best of three possible tries counts). So, if you are unable to participate in any regular examination session, you can do this test at the next test time.

I also remind about the “mandatory roll call” (see previous news), which will be performed today, April 9, to give the university confirmation of your course attendance. You, who wanted to continue being registered to the course, have now responded to this “call” by carrying out the examinations that were present at our first deadline (= reported labs or made step test). If you considered yourself to have special reasons for deferral of deadline, you were expected to have made contact with me before the deadline. If you don’t answer this call, we take this as confirmation that you no longer wish to participate in the course. Anyone not been in touch regarding such requests to specified deadline, will therefore be automatically de-registered.

Finally, I wish you all good luck with the awaiting challenges of step 2 – keep up the good work!