About program quality – and step test 2!

If anyone haven’t yet received answers to the first Step 1 labs, it’s because I’ve taken some free time over Easter weekend, to spend time with my grandchildren. :) I apologize for this delay, but hope you understand, that I otherwise do my best when it concerns the important feedback on your work!

In step 1, code quality (readability, understandability, efficiency …) and quality of the program (ease of use, fail safety, usability …) are important factors in assessment of your programming skills. Hence, I place great emphasis on that when correcting your first assignments. The same requirements will be set on your programming skills in professional contexts, so I hope you may regard my correction remarks as useful improvement tips! (By following them, you will certainly increase your competitiveness in the software market …)

Quality issues are not always easy to understand - nor easy to apply! What may seem pointless and overkill in a small lab can be crucial for performance or usability in larger-scale. If certain lab requirements or correction principles seem difficult to grasp right now, so… keep in mind, that most often this serves a greater purpose ;)

Well… finally reminding about step test 2, approaching the upcoming weekend – April 23-24! If still not passed Step 1-test (or wanting to improve last result), you may now take a “re-test” for Step 1!