Workshop Higher Grades

The higher grades have now been examined, you find your grade and feedback in mymoodle. As the grading in mymoodle is primitive i.e. the maximum information that can be inserted is an integer number in the range 0-100, this poses a problem as there are possibly 3 workshops with 3 grades (0, 3, 4) to grade.
To solve this your grade is shown using a decimal number that should be converted to a base 3 number system. This works just like decimal to binary decoding but instead use base 3 (binary use base 2). Doing the conversion you will get a number like (i.e. 5 is 012), the first digit represents workshop 3, second workshop 2 and the third workshop 1. The actual grade is then

0: not submitted or failed
1: passed grade 3
2: passed grade 4

Good luck…