Object Oriented Analysis and Design at Linnaeus University

This course covers object orientation focusing on object oriented analysis/domain modeling and object oriented design using practical examples in object oriented programming.

The course topics highlights the parts of the software development process that increase understanding of a problem domain and communication of more or less detailed UML (Unified Modeling Language) blue prints of a system. After the course is finished you will know how to produce a domain model to increase and communicate the information need of a problem domain, how to model whole or parts of a software system from different points of view. You will know how an object oriented design model can be translated in to an object oriented implementation (code) and vice verse (reverse engineering). You will have basic understanding of design patterns and refactoring as a method to achieve a good design.

The prerequisites of the course are that you must have passed at least 30hp in any of the subjects: computer science, informatics, computer engineering or similar. You must also have knowledge in object oriented programming equaling 7.5hp.

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Final Submission Phase of WS1

The deadline to perform and submit reviews has now passed and we are entering the final submission phase of workshop 1.

This is the time where you can improve your model, give feedback on your reviews and make the final hand in to get graded (Fail, Fix, Pass).

If you have not performed two reviews in the system, you will need to do the extra examination.

There is a submission form for the final hand in on the workshop deadlines page.

Peer Review Phase of WS1

We are now in the peer review phase of workshop 1.

This is your chance to study the work of your peers and learn. Study the lectures and literature and give good feedback, this is a major learning opportunity. The deadline for doing at least two reviews are 13 Sept 12:00, you may do more reviews if you want.

If you have not submitted for workshop 1 yet, you still have one final chance to upload a file before 13 Sept, but you may not get any reviews of your work.

If you do not perform 2 reviews in the system you will fail ws 1, and you will need to do the yahtzee task with a focus on domain modeling instead.

If you do not participate in ws1 you will get removed from the course due to inactivity. If you want to stay registered you need to send me an email.

Submission of Workshop 1 is Open

I have now opened our new tool for handling peer reviews in the course.

Check the deadlines page, and please read the instructions first. For the peer reviews there are basically three steps

1. Hand in your work
2. Review others work
3. Give feedback on the reviews you get

I hope that this will work out well as the old way of handling this with a lot of emailing was troublesome.

Cancelled Lectures w37

I have just recently got news that I have an accepted research paper for SAEroCon/ECSA (Europeean Conference on Software Architecture). To be accepted you have to attend the conference and present your research. This means I will be traveling during week 37 and the scheduled lectures are canceled (12 and 13 Sept). The schedule in time edit is updated.

However I will be available in slack as much as time permits, and I’ll be seeing you again 19 and 18 of September and we will then have a reversed lecture for L03, L04 and L05 which all cover software architecture.

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