Object Oriented Analysis and Design at Linnaeus University

This course covers object orientation focusing on object oriented analysis/domain modeling and object oriented design using practical examples in object oriented programming.

The course topics highlights the parts of the software development process that increase understanding of a problem domain and communication of more or less detailed UML (Unified Modeling Language) blue prints of a system. After the course is finished you will know how to produce a domain model to increase and communicate the information need of a problem domain, how to model whole or parts of a software system from different points of view. You will know how an object oriented design model can be translated in to an object oriented implementation (code) and vice verse (reverse engineering). You will have basic understanding of design patterns and refactoring as a method to achieve a good design.

The prerequisites of the course are that you must have passed at least 30hp in any of the subjects: computer science, informatics, computer engineering or similar. You must also have knowledge in object oriented programming equaling 7.5hp.

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Online Exam

I have scheduled a fourth attempt to pass the online exam to 2019-01-18 the test will be open from 09:00 to 21:00

Workshop Higher Grades

The higher grades have now been examined, you find your grade and feedback in mymoodle. As the grading in mymoodle is primitive i.e. the maximum information that can be inserted is an integer number in the range 0-100, this poses a problem as there are possibly 3 workshops with 3 grades (0, 3, 4) to grade.
To solve this your grade is shown using a decimal number that should be converted to a base 3 number system. This works just like decimal to binary decoding but instead use base 3 (binary use base 2). Doing the conversion you will get a number like (i.e. 5 is 012), the first digit represents workshop 3, second workshop 2 and the third workshop 1. The actual grade is then

0: not submitted or failed
1: passed grade 3
2: passed grade 4

Good luck…

Workshop 3 Grades

Grades for workshop 3 are now in myMoodle. The grades are:

2. You have passed, you do not need to do anything else, but do read the comment.
1. You have something to fix or you just submitted a draft, read the comment. Fix your submission, you will be granted a second attempt in myMoodle (same submission), check myMoodle for the deadline. Submit a new version with updated diagram and code.
0. You have failed the workshop. You have to submit a design model and implementation for the Yahtzee game, that corresponds to the workshop requirements.

Course Ending

The course is coming to an end and I can’t believe it is all over! I think this iteration of the course has worked out quite well and no major problems have occurred. One change we implemented from last year was to have more and flexible sessions for tutoring in small groups. I think this has worked quite well. I personally have enjoyed these sessions very much. A big thanks to the students who shared their questions and knowledge during these sessions. I would also like to extend a special thank you to all who have been active on the slack channel, you have all contributed to a learning environment with both questions and answers!

Please take the time and fill in the course survey. You should have gotten it in your student account email.

I hope that you have some new perspective on software development in general and oo in particular and that you have more confidence when making those crucial design decisions, whether they may be on paper diagrams or in pure code. I also hope that you can transfer the principles you have learned to other paradigms.

What happens next?

1. We will give grades and feedback on workshop 3 asap
2. We will give grades and feedback on higher grades.
3. We will give grades on the online test last session
4. We will give feedback on workshop 1 fixes
5. Report grades to ladok
6. Decide on further deadlines for fixes (ws1, 2, 3, yahtzee).
7. Decide on further instances of the online-test

Information will be posted on this course homepage and deadlines for assignments in myMoodle.

As you see there is plenty of work left for me :) I wish you luck with your future studies and a happy winter holiday!

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