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You have registered for Software Testing, 2dv610.


1. Read the study guide! https://docs.google.com/document/d/1FSuo39P3wcL4tINcpXzcR5muOZKMoclMALP5Jg6oJRw/
2. Join Slack! Slack will be our main communication channel throughout the course! https://coursepress.slack.com/messages/2dv610/ You have to register on Slack with your student email to get access.
3. Attend one of the course-start events!
* Option 1. Monday 5 November 10:15-13:00 In Växjö D1136 (this one is NOT available online)
* Option 2. Tuesday 6 November 13.15-16.00 Kalmar Ny 228 and Online (https://coursepress.lnu.se/live/)
4. The first assignment is due on November 16th, 16:00. This means you should to start the first assignment the first week. Tutoring on Thursday and Friday (for different groups, see the schedule in time edit), use this tutoring to get started.

See you next week, and I wish you an awesome course!