Kursen Mjukvarutestning(Software testing) vid Linnéuniversitetet

The aim of the course is to provide students with basic knowledge in software testing.

De senaste inläggen

A3 video presentations have been checked

Those who submitted their videos before the deadline and in some cases later have now been examined.
I have watched ~80 videos and I tried to comment on most but definitively not on all. Overall good videos, I have emailed those who failed so far.

A3 grades have been emailed for registration in Ladok together with course grade, my guess is you will be able to see your grades early next week.



A4, fail-comments are examined


The comments for students who failed the A4 exam has been checked, check older course news for re-exam dates
I have not yet checked the comments of the students who passed the exam. (this will be done last)

The results should be in Ladok soon.


Examination priorities


Since a few of you have asked about your results from the exam.

Except for the fails, results will be presented in Ladok, when all students has been examined on an assignment.

This is my priority list

  1. A2 Examination of all who failed, (DONE) (should have got an email so that they can resubmit this Friday)
  2. A4, Examination of all comments for students who failed so that they can study for the re-exam (DONE)
  3. A2, Examination for grading of student who passed (DONE)
  4. A3, Examination for pass/fail DONE
  5. A4. Answering comments on students that passed (NOT DONE)

Dates for the A4-reexam

A4. New re-exam attempts will be allowed on 30th January 1st Feb and 2 Feb.

One attempt each day and I will check the comments in the morning the day after.



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