Peer Instructions

Peer instruction is an evidence-based, interactive teaching method popularized by Harvard Professor Eric Mazur in the early 1990s. Originally used in many schools, including introductory undergraduate physics classes at Harvard University, peer instruction is used in various disciplines and institutions around the globe. It is a student-centered approach that involves flipping the traditional classroom by moving information transfer out and moving information assimilation, or application of learning, into the classroom. There is some research that supports the effectiveness of peer instruction over more traditional teaching methods, such as pure lecture. / Wikipedia


To conduct the peer instruction in the course and to engage distance learning students in the discussions we will use the tool Discord. If you are a distance learning student, please install Discord prior to the Peer Instruction. The Peer Instruction will be live streamed in the Live Channel of the course.


The Peer Intruction is not recorded. You might be able to find the recording of the live stream though. However, peer instructions are best experienced live so that you can take part in the discussions.

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