Overview and Deadlines

  • L1. Learn PHP

    • Terms: Individual assignment, students complete the assignment in CSQUIZ. The assignment is divided into Tasks and all tasks must be completed for an approved grade. Individual link given on course web.
    • Starts: When the course starts
    • Deadline: 10 / 9 before Workshop starts
    • Examination: Automatic assessment of completed tasks.
    • Feedback: Automatic assessment in CSQUIZ. Ask questions during tutoring time and slack.
  • L2. Working with requirements and tests

    • Terms: Individual assignment, no code may be copied from other students or any other source. Basic requirments must be completed for an approved grade. Grade assigned from requirement fullfillment, the more requirements fullfilled the better grade.
    • Starts: When the assignment is published on the course web. A recommendation is to have completed Assignment 1 first
    • Deadline 1: A version MUST have been handed in (28/9 23:59)
    • Examination: Automatic assessment of completed requirements.
    • Feedback: Main feedback from other students during Workshop 2. Help is given during tutoring time and slack.
  • W2. Workshop Code quality

    • Terms: Mandatory. Students will be assigned a group during the workshop. To attend the student MUST have handed in a version of A2 to attend.
    • Campus Kalmar: (see schedule), student must bring a computer!
    • Online: (see schedule), Student must have working headset and webcam
  • L3. Requirements and Quality

    • Terms: Individual assignment. Basic requirements must be completed. Grade weighted on requirement fullfillment and quality of the artifacts. The more requirements fullfilled the better grade. The quality of the provided source code and other artifacts determine the final grade.
    • Deadline 2: (21/10 23:59)
    • Feedback: Grade and Comments will be emailed
  • Final Exam (26/10 08-17), Second attempt (1/11 08-17)
    • Terms: Individual assignment. The course literature and lecture content are examined.
    • Examination: Students will be given an URL to the exam from the course web.

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