Introduction to web programming at Linnaeus university

This is the course “1DV525 – Introduction to web programming” at Linnaeus University. This course will teach you the basics in modern web development, starting with an introduction to html5, css3 and javascript for programmers mostly familiar to java. After the introduction a deeper insight into client-side javascript is on the agenda.

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Three week registration

This week is number three in the course and as usual we are obliged to check the activity in the course. If you are not active in the course you will be unregistered from the course.

You need to do the following to still be registered in the course:

Make sure that you have at least one (1) commit in one of your repositories on the organisation 1DV525 on GitHub. That is it. Deadline for this is 2018-09-20.

This and next week

My plan was to go to Växjö tomorrow but after further investigation of last years lectures I will change the plans to the following:

  • I will not go to Växjö this week, v37
  • I will use tomorrow to update L04 and I will go to Växjö V38 and deliver that new lecture since L04 is a bit outdated.
  • L03 was totally remade last year so please watch that during this week.
  • I will record a “Vlog” and release that tomorrow as a complement to the lecture. I promised some of you some sort of getting started guide and that will be a part of that Vlog.

Schedule will be updated.

A day of technical difficulties

So as you noticed yesterday I had quite a few misshappenings regarding the stream of the lecture. So instead of yeasterdays stream I recommend you who was not participating to watch last years recordings. You find them under L00, L01 och L02 in the left hand menu.

After watching them you should:

  1. Follow the getting started guide
  2. Start working on Examination assignment 1. Deadline is September 21

After the fifth step in the “Getting started guide” there is a short pause in the workflow since I have to create repositories for you on github. For me to be able to do that the following conditions must be met:

  • You have to be registered on the course
  • You must have completed the 5th step in the “Getting started guide”

If you are not able to register on the course due to not meeting the prerequisites please contact me and present documentation on why you think you meet the requirements.

If you are not able to register on the course because of unpaid tuition fees, please make sure you pay. I will not be able to create resources to you until you are registered.

If all conditions are met, please watch This is were you will get an invite to your repositories. (Yellow box on the top of the page)


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