Introduction to web programming at Linnaeus university

This is the course “1DV525 – Introduction to web programming” at Linnaeus University. This course will teach you the basics in modern web development, starting with an introduction to html5, css3 and javascript for programmers mostly familiar to java. After the introduction a deeper insight into client-side javascript is on the agenda.

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Introduction to the course

Last year I recorded an introduction to the course. This introduction is still accurate so I recommend you all to watch it before the first lecture in Växjö.

There are som things that you should bear in mind:

  • Ignore the dates in the recording. You find dates for 2018 in the course schedule
  • I am not on vacation this year so you should be able to reach me the week before the course starts
  • The course evaluation for HT2017 is to be found here: 1DV525-HT17
  • We have added additional tutoring times on Fridays (over slack). I am working on getting a teachers assistent based in Växjö.

Questions about the admission? Please contact Ewa Püschl. Well met!

Welcome to the course

My name is Johan Leitet and I am the course coordinator together with Mats Loock for the course 1DV525. With this message we want to welcome you to the course and give you some brief information to get you all started.

Me and Mats are located at the Kalmar unit of the DV-department and my plan is to travel to Växjö every Wednesday to give lectures on site. Tutoring will be conducted over distance. The course is however constructed as a hybrid course meaning all information, tutoring and lectures are also accessible as distance learning material. You will find all information regarding the course  on this webpage.

(You can also reach this page using after you are registered on the course. I you have not already, please register yourself on the course using instructions at

This course web page will hold ALL information needed to complete the course. Lectures will be streamed live and published on the web page afterwards.

For the communication and tutoring regarding the course we will use Slack ( If you have not already, please create an account on our slack page (OBS! Using your and join the channel #1dv525-webprogramming. We prefer all questions etc. coming in through this channel. Private messages can still be sent to the course email

Since the majority of students taking this course does not speak Swedish, the preferred language in the slack group is English. (Private conversations could of course be held in Swedish.)

You are welcome to attend the first course introduction on

Tuesday 4/9 10:15 in D1136, Växjö or streamed live.

Well met!

/Johan Leitet, Course Coordinator 1DV525

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