Part 1 - Evaluation of configuration management tools

In this assignment you are going to learn about modern configuration management tools and present your findings in a written rapport. The goal with this assignment is that you will get deeper understanding of what different modern tools there are for automating the configuration management for a cloud-based infrastructure. You will also compere these tools and try to to describe their differences. At the latest step you should create your own opinion about these tools and motivate it.

You will investigate at least three different tools. Here are our suggestions (but you can choose other if you want)


You will be examined trough a written report. Your are pretty free to structure the report but it should (at least) focus on the following parts for each of the tools. Please think about the structure and your language. Use headlines, make paragraphs, check your spelling and grammar.

  • Describe the tool and its history
  • Describe its payment models, licenses and so on
  • Describe the prerequisites for the tool like what platforms they work on
  • Give some simple example of syntax, and explain it for the reader
  • List pros and cons

At the end of the report you will write reflections to the following:

  • How the tools differs and what are their pros and cons in relationship to each other.
  • A motivation of your favorite (as far as you can tell). In the end of the course you will have a project where you will try out one of these technologies. Which one will you choose and why? Don´t forget to motivate your choice.
  • How do you think this kind of tools support the idea of DevOps?

As usually you should use the IEEE-reference system when handling your sources. We have not set a minimum requirements for this assignment so we expect that you are experience enough to hold it within a reasonable number of pages.

Hand-in instructions

  • No later then 10.00am 28 of September
  • The format should PDF
  • The report should be send to 2dv514@lnu.se

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